Contra: Operation Galuga

Contra: Operation Galuga Has Big Roster of Playable Characters

The classic series is back early next year

One of the most iconic side-scrolling action franchises will return to consoles and PCs early next year. Today, Contra: Operation Galuga unveiled its roster of characters, building upon the duo that we knew and love from the early games that date back to the NES and arcades in the 1980s.

Bill Rizer and Lance Bean of the Contra unit are not alone this time; they’ll be joined by four others set “to investigate and neutralize any potential threats.”

Check out the character reveal and gameplay trailer below, along with a complete list of characters.

  • Bill Rizer is the field leader of the Contra unit, possessing exceptional physical strength, agility, and mental fortitude. Proficient in all manner of armaments and well-versed in military science.
  • Lance Bean: An expert marksman adept with machinery. He was active as a guerrilla fighter before being recruited into the Earth Marine Corps by Bill Rizer.
  • Ariana is a tremendously skilled warrior from the Galuga Archipelago. After Red Falcon’s attack nearly wiped out her village, she wages a one-woman war against the enemy forces.
  • Lucia is Deputy Earth Marine Corps commander and a talented field operative. She is equally proficient at combat missions and covert intelligence.
  • Lt. Stanley Ironside is a veteran who leads an armoured platoon in the GX Army. He wears a powered Hercules exosuit to supplement his already formidable combat skills.
  • Probotector: Autonomous training robots used by the Contra Unit. Utilizing cutting-edge tech,  they are as capable in the field as their human counterparts.

The Konami team says this roster’s backstories and motivations will flesh out the Story Mode like never before. Each one will also have the chance to be upgraded in what they’re calling the Perk Shop with in-game currency.

They note that Contra: Operation Galuga will not have any microtransactions despite the in-game storefront. Two perks can be equipped for each character at a time, upgrading their weapons and character abilities, increasing invulnerability after respawning, and gaining other helpful bonuses.

Contra: Operation Galuga is headed to Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC in early 2024.