Concrete Genie Launches In October

Following a delay earlier this year, Concrete Genie is launching on October 8, 2019, for $40 CAD with a Digital Deluxe edition retailing for $49 CAD.


Dominic Robilliard, the Creative Director on the project spoke about the game over on the PlayStation Blog today and revealed a new trailer to coincide with the new release date. In the trailer, we see protagonist Ash who is on a “personal journey to paint his hometown of Denska back to life.” Ash’s magic brush has a few new surprises that are revealed through the course of the story, one of which is ‘Paint Skating’.

Also included is an immersive VR mode, which was unveiled in April. Additionally, a photo mode is coming at launch and comes with a timelapse style called Replay, which allows you to show how you put artistic compositions together.

Read more about the game here.