Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly Arrives This April

Toge Productions and Chorus Worldwide will brew a fresh pot of coffee in April. The developer and publisher have confirmed Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is coming to the Switch, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, and PC on April 20, 2023.

The sequel to 2020’s Coffee Talk outs you in Seattle where both humans and mystical creatures coexist and even work together. Your job is to serve hot cups of java to the denizens of the city and listen to them as they discuss their problems in everyday life.

You’ll need to ensure you get the right flavours together for each customer be it tea, ginger, mint, chocolate, and many more flavour profiles.

The trailer above gives you an idea of what to expect and the developers say it’s a chill game where your daily tasks include drawing latte art, socializing and listening to some nice, calm lo-fi music. If you’ve ever played VA-11 HALL-A, then this might be something you’ll find familiar only instead of coffee you serve alcohol.

Coffee Talk Episode 2 means a lot to us,” said Chorus Worldwide CEO Shintaro Kanaoya mentions to the press. “After seeing Coffee Talk’s world and characters for ourselves, we knew we wanted to contribute to that universe. We’re ecstatic to be working with Toge on this heartfelt story and getting it in front of anyone who enjoys wholesome narratives this April.”