Code Realize

Code: Realize Limited Editions Coming To North America

Aksys Games has announced today that the popular otame (story-based adventure) series Code: Realize is getting two special editions that will be coming to North America. These special editions will feature tons of exclusive collectibles and content.

Code: Realize is developed by Idea Factory and the series lets players explore the story of Cardia and her adventures in a steampunk version of Victorian England. This is where she encounters a cast of characters plucked from real-world history and literature.

Both of these Code: Realize editions will be released on March 30th for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation Vita edition will include the Code: Realize: ~Future Blessings~ game, a full-color printed cloth banner, nine exclusive metal character pins, eight collectible bromide character cards, and a custom sleeve to unite your ~Future Blessings~ game with your ~Guardians of Rebirth~ game. The PlayStation 4 edition includes both ~Future Blessings~ and ~Guardians of Rebirth~ on a single disc, plus the full-color banner, metal pins, and character cards.