Code Coven

Code Coven Launches Intro to Game Making Scholarships

Code Coven is the first games industry-focused online bootcamp and the first global games industry accelerator for underrepresented talent. Code Coven offers classes, accelerators, and networking events to support professional growth no matter where you are in your career. The team at Code Coven is dedicated to providing an inclusive and friendly learning environment and their team is composed of experts across multiple fields including game development, curriculum design, legal, and business.

Code Coven focuses on the challenges that face many marginalized groups and wants to change them. This includes: reducing barriers to entry, elevating marginalized voices and eliminating toxicity.

One of the many ways that Code Coven plans to do this is by offering full scholarships for BIPOC creators to begin their game development careers. The first scholarship was launched on June 6th, 2020 and was for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) applicants to their “Intro to Unity” course. In only 3 days, they had received 250+ applications from over 25+ countries around the world, highlighting the need for this opportunity.

Having had the fortune of receiving a scholarship for Code Coven’s pilot Unity development bootcamp, I had the exceptional experience of collaborating with an all-female team on a game with a black female protagonist that is designed for an underrepresented audience. Code Coven served as a springboard for my career in games, and I have since been committed to supporting and creating more opportunities for BIPOC game devs in their academic, professional and entrepreneurial journeys.” – Karla Reyes (Product Manager, Square Enix & Head of Business Development, Code Coven)

This time around the scholarship is for BIPOC applicants with a scholarship to their “Game Making Course”- a course that focuses on using the Unity engine to create small game projects of their own design, picking up core skills including:

  • How to navigate the Unity interface
  • Build scenes and work with Unity primitives
  • Work with the Unity UI system
  • Basic C# scripting for Unity
  • Create and implement art assets
  • Use GitHub repositories
  • Create builds to publish and share game projects

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career in game development.

This course gave me anything I would have asked for an intro to game-making class but with an added bonus of a supportive community, teacher, and peers to help along the way!” – Monica (IGM 2020)

If you are interested in applying or looking to learn more, you can head over to CodeCoven.

*Applications will close on the 3rd of February at 11:30 PM GMT /6:30 PM ET.