Echo Generation

Cococucumber’s Echo Generations Demo Now Available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC

Toronto-based indie developer Cococucumber has announced that a demo for its upcoming turn-based game Echo Generations is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

The demo is made available as a part of a collaboration between Cococucumber and The Game Awards Festival. Echo Generations‘ demo will be available to play for a limited amount of time. Those that wish to experience the latest from Cococucumber’s must get in on the action before December 15th.

Cococucumber recently gained a lot of attention byway of the release of its critically adored voxel-based co-op game Riverbond. Echo Generations expands on the design philosophy of the studio’s prior title and wraps it around a more personal story of two young Canadian kids. Cococucumber’s game is centred on a brother and sister who begin investigating supernatural events within their small town. Set in the summer of 1993, the duo discovers strange and ominous creatures within their home town. While the adults of the town ignore this ominous threat, the two spring into action and fight back.

Echo Generations will likely bring on some nostalgic feelings. While having obvious parallels to Netflix’s Stranger Things, the game calls back to those simpler times of roaming around town, reading comics and snacking to your heart’s content. Martin Gauvreau, Game Director at Cococucumber has said: “We hope to give fans a taste of the nostalgic and slightly kooky world of Echo Generation, where high-spirited kids take off on adventures around their neighbourhood.”

EchoGeneration 2

Comics play an integral part in the gameplay as well. While each character has their own set of skills, collecting comics within the game will unlock new powers as they take on quests along the game’s story path.

On Xbox Series X/S, Echo Generations can be played in 4K/60FPS. The game’s soundtrack, which was composed by Toronto musician Pusher is available to check out on Spotify and Apple Music.

A tentative launch window of 2021 has been set for Echo Generations. Cococucumber has teased that there may be more information given during The Game Awards on Thursday, December 10th.