Co-Op Puzzler KeyWe Launches This August

Seeing the reveal trailer for KeyWe in February had piqued my interest since a fun co-op game is always a fun time with a friend, especially when it’s an absurd concept such as delivering mail as a bird.

Stonewheat & Sons’ upcoming co-op puzzle-platformer, puts you in control of Jeff and Debra, the two flightless Kiwi birds seen in the trailer. Together, these two run a mailroom and all the excitement that comes with a government job. Typing out telegrams, sending urgent messages, shipping packages and ensuring mail delivery goes smoothly are some of the odds and ends you’ll need to make sure these tasks are finished before you clock out for the day.

The PlayStation 5 version will also take advantage of the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback and Adaptive Triggers. An example given about how the controller is used is when you’re pushing and pulling packages around the mailroom. You’ll feel the haptic feedback mimicking your movements adding a layer of immersion. Jeff and Debra also work together against other employees during the Telepost’s annual snowball fight. You use a slingshot because you’re a bird but you do use a slingshot and you’ll feel the tension of the slingshot and pulling back on the controller.

“We’ve set our heart on making a warm, lighthearted game that friends and families can laugh at and enjoy together,” said Joel Davis, Animator at Stonewheat & Sons. “It’s been a blast creating the colourful Telepost and its unusual staff, and we can’t wait to welcome players to the world of Bungalow Basin on August 31.”

KeyWe has a ton of cosmetic items and accessories to unlock to and you’ll want both Jeff and Debra looking their best in the Bungalow Basion. The game will launch on August 31, 2021.