Clockwork Revolution

Clockwork Revolution is Wasteland Developer, inXile’s Next Game

Feeling the Bioshock energy in this one

Now for something completely new as Clockwork Revolution is the newest game from Wasteland developer, inXile was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Clockwork Revolution is set to be inXile’s first AAA first-person action RPG shooter which is set in the Victorian city of Avalon and featured Steampunk technology that feels very similar to the BioShock games. Specifically, BioShock Infinite is set to feature time travel with the protagonist trying to alter the vents of the past to change the events of the present and future of the Lady Ironwood-ruled city. Check out the trailer as inXile’s next game certainly wears BioShock similarities on its sleeve.

“Clockwork Revolution takes place in the vibrant Victorian-era metropolis of Avalon, where steam trains fly overhead, wealthy industrialists replace their limbs with ornate clockwork prosthetics, and mechanical servants fulfill their masters’ every whim.

But this new age of wonders holds a dark secret—it’s been carefully constructed by the ruthless Lady Ironwood. Through use of a time travel device, she’s changed key moments in Avalon’s history, keeping the working class struggling in the slums and factories, while bringing herself immense wealth and power. That’s where you come in,” Brian Fargo, Studio Head at inXile says.

No date was given for Clockwork Revolution as the game is still early in development, but will come out on PC and Xbox Series X|S via Game Pass “in due time”; I get it… it’s a pun.