Classic Resident Evil Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

The ports keep on rolling onto the Nintendo Switch! Capcom and Nintendo have announced that games Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil HD Remaster, and Resident Evil 4, are coming to the Switch soon!

While we’ve known of these ports existence for some time, the pre-orders begin on February 28 for each game. Following that, each port will be available on May 21, so if you’re interested, this might be the time to get in on it. Otherwise, wait it out – pre-orders are never good.

Of note, we still don’t have a clear price point for these ports or whether there’s even a physical release on the way (I’d like one myself but who knows these days) but I expect we’ll hear more from Capcom in the next month or so about the finalized plans for these ports.

Either way, check out the tweet from the official Resident Evil Twitter account: