Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Announced

Developer ACE Team is back with a new game and it looks to be a spiritual successor to Zeno Clash from the looks of this new trailer.

While the series has been dormant for nearly a decade, today’s Nacon Connect, revealed a new game set within the world of Zeno Clash. Playing as Pseudo, a powerful warrior living in the strange world of Zenozoik, you’ll need to find the Artifacts of Chaos.

Across your journey, you’ll come across strange and unusual characters, while exploring vistas and breathtaking landscapes. As Pseudo, you’ll come to understand him and learn of his past and why he lives away from others. One day he comes across a strange creature the upends his entire way of life and this creature is being followed by the Gemini, a mistress of the Artifacts of Chaos.

Dice and melee combat seemingly go hand-in-hand in Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. You will search for powerful iterations of dice and fight battles “according to the ever-changing rules of the Ritual.” As a martial artist, you will master the ancient techniques, learn to exploit weakness and seize every opportunity in battle.

Clash: Artifacts of Chao is scheduled to launch in June 2022.