Cineplex And WorldGaming To Crown Champions This Weekend

Mortal Kombat X S3 Header

Join hundreds of spectators as they cheer on the country’s top gamers who have travelled across Canada and the US to win the Cineplex WorldGaming Northern Fights Tournament featuring Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat XL.  With a prize pool of $65,000, plus a trip to Evo 2017 in Las Vegas, the stakes are too high to miss out on the action.

This is all happening this upcoming Saturday, June 24th 2017, at the Scotiabank Theater in Downtown Toronto featuring 32 of North America’s best gamers going head to head on the big screen in front of a theater full of fans.

The schedule for this insane day of gaming goes as follows:

12:00 PM – Mortal Kombat XL tournament starts

3:15 PM – Mortal Kombat XL Finals + Awards Ceremony

4:00 PM – Street Fighter V Tournament Starts

7:30 PM – Street Fighter V Finals + Awards Ceremony

If this sounds right up your alley you can attend by going here and purchasing tickets!