Chorus Launches December 3

I’ve seen trailers for Chorus before but for some reason have a hard time remembering it exists or even what it’s about or trying to do. It’s not because the game looks bad or anything, but the genre itself isn’t exactly mainstream and not one I’ve ever been invested in throughout my time playing video games.

But after revisiting the trailers that are out and I’m reminded how neat Chorus looks. For starters, you’re not just flying a spaceship, you’re talking and interacting with it.

Your sentient ship goes by Forsaken and with your help, needs to visit ancient temples to unlock its true potential. Together, you’ll take on the Great Prophet who is on your tail, one of the galaxy’s most feared soldiers, now on the run from those you served before.

Chorus is from Deep Silver Fishlabs and is a space combat shooter coming out in 2021 for Xbox Series X and Xbox One with Smart Delivery. Playing as dual protagonists: ex-cultist Nara, an ace pilot with a haunted past, and Forsaken, a sentient AI starfighter and her closest ally, with a mysterious backstory of his own to unravel. You’ll unlock devastating weapons and bombastic abilities to use against the Circle and free the galaxy from their control. The game is aiming for 4K at 60 frames per second with ray-traced environments.

I can’t wait to dive in when Chorus launches December 3, 2021.