Station to Station Choo Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles Scares Its Way Into Station to Station For Halloween

The collaboration is already live (or dead...)

Indie developers are always very resourceful and inventive; that’s why I love their work so much! But when two studios combine for one wild, weird, and perfect idea, it’s hard to ignore.

That’s exactly what’s happening for the next several days with Choo-Choo Charles and Station to Station. They’re combining forces to create a new Halloween special that runs from October 25th to November 2nd.

The news is described as a fun collaboration that, despite both featuring trains, brings together two completely different genres and styles.

“All players will have the option to experience the ultimate stack bonus by activating the ‘Choo-Choo Charles’ mode from the game’s menu, which will replace all in-game freight trains with a ghoulish Choo-Choo Charles model.”

I recently played through Station to Station on the Creature Cast podcast. I enjoyed the simple but layer gameplay, great music, and just the right amount of challenge. Could I now earn a stack bonus (an in-game point system) and add the creepy train? I’m in!

You can also find both games in a bundle on Steam for less than $50; that’s a 10% discount. Or you can grab Station to Station itself as well.