Check Out This Hades Arcade Cabinet We All Want

Supergiant’s Hades was one of our Top Games of 2020, and for good reason, it had an addicting gameplay loop with excellent characters and a worthy story. Hades was the culmination of the studio’s previous games rolled into one of the most satisfying games of 2020 and because it was good, we all fell in love with Zag and his tale of escaping Tartarus.

So, seeing that a superfan built this custom Hades arcade cabinet has left me inspired – not to build my own, but to return to the game that inspired canhazreddit to craft this excellent arcade cabinet.

Finished my Hades arcade build. What do you guys think? from gaming

Inside the custom cabinet is a case made out of wood, an Intel i5 processor, an NVIDIA GTX 1060, and an Ultrastik 360 for the left stick, Cherry MX buttons, which makes the buttons as the user states, “nice and clicky,” and lastly, a wireless keyboard with trackpad, “for emergencies”. The system runs BigBox, which uses an arcade front end.

The user inherited an old Nintendo arcade cabinet and hollowed it out to create this custom Hades cabinet, I’d say the swap was definitely worth it