Check Out These Unused Bloodborne Bosses

A three-year-old game like Bloodborne is still pumping out secrets. Last week, we reported about an enemy that was thought lost, removed from the game, in a Chalice Dungeon. It’s nice to see secrets being discovered, especially something like this.

A few users on YouTube have been digging into the game’s code looking for things that didn’t make it into the final cut of Bloodborne. Sanadsk on YouTube has begun showcasing his findings in the video below:

Tell me, would you have wanted to face these enemies? I know for one, I would have liked the chance to beat them. The forgotten enemies look wonderful, too, but alas, it did not come to pass and here we are with these enemies hidden in the coding.

As you can see from Sanadsk’s tweet above, the scale of these monsters is pretty big, this picture puts them into perspective.

The best part about this deep dive? There is still tons more to discover, which we will report if anything worthwhile pops up.