Check Out These Four Upcoming PlayStation Indie Releases

PlayStation announced on Twitter this morning it would showcase some of the upcoming Indie releases coming to PlayStation this year and beyond on the PlayStation Blog. Let’s dive into all these PlayStation Indies, shall we?

Dredge: The Pale Reach (PS4 & PS5)

Release Date: November 16th

First up isn’t exactly a full game release, but the developers at Black Salt Games have announced the first expansion of Dredge, known as The Pale Reach.

The DLC comes months after Dredge‘s initial release, and since then, Black Salt Games producer Nadia Thorne says the studio has been dedicated to enhancing the Dredge experience for players by delivering extended functionality, more monstrous and majestic wonders, and quality-of-life improvements through three free updates.

All this work led to the Dredge: The Pale Reach, which is set in the new, frozen frontier biome that will task players to upgrade their vessel as well as equip it with specialized gear to help smash through the unforgiving ice. It doesn’t stop there as the DLC also adds  11 new fish and crab species alongside their counterparts, plus a new item that will help expand the freshness of the catches players will capture in the colder setting.

Dredge: The Pale Reach is set to launch on PlayStation consoles on November 16th.

KarmaZoo (PS5)

Release Date: November 14th

After that is KarmaZoo, a cooperative multiplayer platformer game coming to PlayStation that sees players control zoo animals and make connections with random players while accumulating points and spreading that sweet karma together throughout the many levels. KarmaZoo will feature public matchmaking, private lobbies, or local multiplayer, so you have no worries about playing with old friends or making some new ones along the way on PlayStation consoles.

The team at Pastagames has revealed that its co-op mode will feature more than 50 characters, plus a newly revealed competitive party mode with all the Mario Party energy and a bunch of mini-games to play together with friends on PlayStation.

KarmaZoo isn’t too far away and is set to launch on PS5 on November 14th.

The Gecko Gods (PS4 & PS5)

Release Window: TBA 2024

Up next is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker-inspired game, Gecko Gods that will see you play as… you guessed it, a gecko in this upcoming action-adventure puzzler from UK-based developer Louis “Inresin” Waloschek in a truly beautiful art style.

Our gecko protagonist is on a quest to save a valuable friend, which will see players journey through mysterious islands, ancient tombs, and breathtaking landscapes. The gameplay will make you feel like a gecko as you can climb up, around, and upside down any surface, which will help unveil not just secrets but puzzle solutions to help you go forward. Our gecko friends can go to each island by sailing on a boat; this is where the Wind Waker vibes come in.

For players on PS5 picking up the game, this version will have some exclusive PlayStation features, including haptic feedback and 3D audio capabilities, which will help immerse players into the world unlike other platforms.

This is the first announcement that Gecko Gods is coming to PlayStation, which reveals the game has been delayed from its previous targetted 2023 window and will now launch on PS5 plus other platforms in 2024.

Saltsea Chronicles (PS5)

Release Date: October 12th

Our final game is Saltsea Chronicles, and is actually coming to PlayStation next week. Saltsea Chronicles is a narrative character-driven adventure game that tells its story from the perspective of a crew as they explore a flooded world of strange and surprising islands and meet the many people who call that island world home.

The actual islands of Saltsea Chronicles are based on Orkney, an archipelago of 70 islands off the North coast of Scotland, which is where Saltsea Chronicles writer Harry Josephine Gilescalls home. Each of the real-world islands can be homed to a couple of hundred for some, over a few thousand for one, and the remaining can be the home of just one person on a single island. Basing the game on this series of islands was Gilescalls’ need/want to see more stories based on island life, somewhere that felt real, like home, while feeling the culture as well for those playing.

Saltsea Chronicles is set to launch on PS5 next week on October 12th.