Check Out These Awesome Contest Of Champions Funko Pop!s

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s hit mobile game ‘Contest Of Champions’ then this announcement is for you. Next February you can collect your favorite characters from the mobile game in addicting Pop! form. The series includes King Groot, Civil Warrior, Guillotine, Venompool, Punisher 2099, and even Howard the Duck. Check out the awesome figures below.

If that wasn’t enough and you want to punish your wallet even more then there’s also these store exclusives to spend your hard-earned money on!

Golden Civil Warrior can be found at Hot Topic!

This King Groot glows in the dark and can be found exclusively at Target! (Why’d they have to leave Canada!)

Venompool is on a call at the moment, but he wanted me to tell you that you can find him at GameStop/EB Games.

Punisher 2099 can be found at Walgreens stores across the US.