The Invincible

Check Out The Invincible

11 bit Studios is working with developer Starward Industries to publish the retro-futuristic narrative game The Invincible. Announced during today’s PC Gaming Show, we have five minutes of gameplay to show today and it certainly looks incredible!

You’ll play as Yasna, an astrobiologist who awakens on a distant planet, one where she is thrust into a life-or-death situation. Stuck on Regis III, the planet is devoid of life and totally unexplored — forcing Yasna to explore the surface while searching for missing crew members of her interstellar scientific expedition.

However, given that this is not your regular Earth-like planet, Yasna soon comes upon scientific mysteries that hide terrifying secrets. With no option but to move forward, Yasna must make unexpected choices and deal with the consequences of her actions.

“When many of us were teenagers, Lem gave us a vision of the future that felt surreal. And as a reader, I couldn’t imagine the world of The Invincible being more tangible than the one portrayed in the game. As a Polish publisher on a mission to showcase meaningful entertainment, we couldn’t pass by the opportunity to take on a game based on such an important piece of Polish cultural heritage as Lem’s book”, said Marek Ziemak, External Development Director at 11 bit studios.

To further the bond between the two studios, 11 bit has purchased a minority stake in Starward Industries.