DyingLight2 screen 07

Check Out The E3 Gameplay Demo For Dying Light 2

Early this morning, Techland revealed the E3 gameplay demo that made the rounds back in June and the video comes in at a whopping 26-minutes. Dying Light 2 is something I’m eagerly waiting for and from the looks of the demo shown off at both E3 and gamescom, this is everything I want in a sequel to the original. We get a look at the world, we see one of the human settlements (this is District 2) which looks like a massive playground and we learn about the story.

Weapon modding returns in Dying Light 2 and the makeshift knife makes quick work of the invading bandits. We see the player quickly make their way to the roof and we get a good look at some of the new parkour skills you’ll use to navigate the rooftops of each District.

Also, according to the demo, our choices will impact the story as much as the world around us. We’ve seen how some decisions affect the overall gameplay, turning on the water pumps reveals a new area to explore full of sidequests and things to do. From the looks of it, incoming protagonist Aiden Caldwell is quite capable of surviving within this dreadful world.

Dying Light 2 isn’t out until Spring 2020 and launches simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.