Check Out Some Gameplay Of The Tetris Effect

When Sony revealed Tetris Effect before E3 a few weeks ago, I was blown away by the euphoria I felt watching the mesmerizing trailer (included in the post in case you haven’t seen it) and have been following the game as closely as I can, watching videos of Tetris pros play the game for the first time and seemingly love what the upgraded game feels like.

The new gameplay is below and comes from Game Watch out of Japan, which shows the game in action and includes some of psycehelic images we’ve seen in the trailer. Tetris Effect will feature 30 stages each with their own audio and visual gameplay style, as well as classic mode

Also, I’ve included a video where Trey Harrison, one of the best Tetris players in the world gets hands on with the upcoming game on PlayStation 4.

So what is the Tetris Effect? Basically, researchers discovered that people who play Tetris a lot can start seeing images from the game in real life.

Maybe you’ve even experienced this yourself after playing previous Tetris games (I know I have) — you see a bunch of bricks or crates stacked and unconsciously start imagining how to move them to fit together and “clear” them.

Or while you stare at the ceiling about to fall asleep, you “see” those iconic Tetris shapes falling in your mind’s eye.

That’s what researchers call the Tetris Effect.