Check Out Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Opening Cinematic

I’m excited to see the series return to form after last year’s Valkyria Revolution, which didn’t really move the series forward, and left an okay impression on me when I reviewed it. Things are now on course with a proper sequel once again, and I’m ready to jump in!

Today, Sega uploaded the opening cinematic for Valkyria Chronicles 4, and I’m throughly impressed by it. Seeing this trailer and remembering why I enjoy the series so much, puts a smile on my face.

Hundreds of miles away from Gallia lies a battlefield with tales of sacrifice hidden beyond the snow, waiting to be uncovered. The commander of Squad E will test his will against the bonds of his allies, the weight of their trust, and the sacrifices they all must make. This is a tale of a bittersweet adolescence: the failures and triumphs of young hearts struggling to find themselves amidst the chaos of the battlefield.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches on September 25 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC