Charge Your Switch Every Six Months Says Nintendo

I’m not one to monitor my battery levels too often, and easily, I will ride a charge until the battery dies. That’s all wrong though, and for the most part, lithium-ion batteries should never be used until 0%. Or they shouldn’t ever be full charged all the time, there’s a sweet spot you can find if you read this excellent article.

So when this post from Nintendo Japan’s Twitter account began to circulate, it came with an excellent bit of advice for Nintendo Switch owners: charge your battery every six months. If you’re curious as to why, Nintendo says if it isn’t charged, it may become unchargable if not charged or used for long periods of time.

As someone who owns multiple Switch units at home, this is a good piece of advice. I keep my Switch Lite charged daily, since I use it so often. My launch Switch isn’t getting as much attention these days and that’s the one I’m going to monitor. I used to keep it docked all the time but even that isn’t good for the longevity of the unit. It’s still not the best battery life, but my launch Switch has been good with its battery up until now.

I miss the days of removeable batteries and being able to swap them out when they ran out of juice.


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