Changes Coming To Star Wars Battlefront II Crates

Following feedback from the Battlefront II beta from that was held earlier this month, EA has made changes to the way the progression system works when the game launches next month. This comes as no surprise as the way loot was doled out during the beta left many players concerned. DICE and EA listened it seems because the game is getting retooled to address players’ concern.

Star Cards are part of the multiplayer portion of Battlefront II and provide various status buffs, different skills to utilize and more – all earned through unlocking crates by playing and progressing in the game. When Battlefront II launches, the highest tier of Star Cards will no longer be obtained through crates and will now be available through crafting. To even craft those Epic Star Cards offered, you need to be a specific level to even be allowed to do so – a change that might be met with mixed reception but is an understandable necessity to the game.

Weapons are now locked to milestones, and some will come from crates, as it was before in the beta but most will be available to use by simply playing the game. The team a DICE spoke about the changes in a blog post here, and from the looks of it the team will be listening to feedback closely by “continually iterating and improving the system.”