[CES’15] Scosche Launches boomBOTTLE Plus Wireless Portable Speaker


Scosche, the creator of the Original boomBottle, have just announced a new member to the boomBOTTLE family, the boomBOTTLE + (plus). boomBOTTLE + (plus) is a rugged, powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker ideal for streaming music while biking, hiking, camping and more. The weatherproof, two 55mm driver equipped speaker features an IP67 rating (water and dust proof), dual pairing that produces true stereo sound when two boomBOTTLE + speakers are used and up to 11 hours of streaming music ideal for any outdoor adventure.

This unique speaker will be included in Scosche’s expanding Optimized for OUTDOORS series of rugged products designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. It features a durable shock absorbing TPU exterior, strong enough to withstand drops or vibrations caused from rough terrain, plus non-slip side finger grip areas. The boomBOTTLE + is constructed with sealed dustproof speaker grills to keep the dirt out during backcountry rides. It also fits conveniently into most bicycle bottle cages, so you can take it with you while on the trail.

Equipped with larger dual 50mm drivers and two passive radiators, the boomBOTTLE + deliver rich, clear audio with amplified acoustics for even the loudest environments. The integrated omnidirectional diffuser channels music in all directions, creating 360 degrees of immersive sound. A large passive subwoofer housed in a tuned and ported enclosure delivers incredible bass.

The boomBOTTLE + also delivers more power faster via its Perfect Charge circuitry. A top flap opens to reveal the protected USB charging and audio ports. Connecting your smartphone or other mobile device to the speaker via the USB charging port permits convenient, rapid device charging while you enjoy your music.

A Bluetooth wireless range of 33 feet eliminates the need for unruly wires, and the large rubberized front buttons make it easy to skip tracks and adjust volume even when your smartphone or tablet is safely tucked away.

The boomBOTTLE + will be available in black/gold, white/silver black/space gray, white/gold to perfectly match Apple’s new line of iOS products plus several sporty color combinations. The speaker will be available Q2 2015 for $179.99  MSRP.

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