[CES’15] Linksys Unveils the WRT Network Storage Bay


The WRT Network Storage Bay brings together files from all your devices, keeps them backed up, and lets you access them whether you’re at home or on the go. Paired with a wireless router, you can create your own personal storage bay to stream and share media across all your devices.


Your Personal Storage Bay for Media Sharing and Backup

All your important files can be backed up automatically with up to 8 TB of internal storage capacity.


Free to Stream All Your Media Files

The WRT Network Storage Bay lets you enjoy media files from all your devices when you want, where you want. It turns your home network into a personal storage hub, so you can view images, listen to music, and watch movies from any device, on any device–even on your TV. When connected to your router, you can utilize the router’s DLNA functionality, which means you’re free to enjoy your media no matter which device it’s stored on.


Up to 8 TB of Secure Storage

The WRT Hard Drive Enclosure has two bays for standard 3.5-inch hard disk drives up to 8 TB each, providing 2x the storage capacity. With two drives installed, data is copied between disks for redundant backup ensuring your data is safe even if one disk fails. This also provides ultra-fast read speeds for quicker access and smoother streaming of media files. Utilizing the USB 3.0 and eSata ports on the WRT1900AC, you can utilize two WRT Network Storage Bays in your home network. eSata connectivity offers up to 3x faster access to your media files at home for lightning-fast transfer and synchronization.


Easy Setup, Instant Availability

Designed for space-saving stackability with the WRT1900AC, the WRT Network Storage Bay simply requires plugging one cable into your WRT1900AC or other wireless router. Connect using either the eSATA or USB 3.0 port, and you instantly have high-speed access to your content from any device, as well as a secure place to back up your important data.


Reliable and Cost-Effective Local Storage

Storing your important data locally means your files are available even if you lose Internet connectivity, and there are no recurring monthly charges no matter how much space you need. Plus, backup speed doesn’t depend on your Internet upload speeds, and file transfers don’t take up precious Internet bandwidth, which can slow down the performance of other connected devices. With two hard drives of the same size, you can enable instantaneous backup of your files utilizing Linksys Smart Wi-Fi software. This ensures all your content is available should one of the drives fail.


Availability is planned for spring 2015.





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