[CES’15] ECOXGEAR & SunCore Develop Solar Powered Products


ECOXGEAR has partnered with SunCore, a renowned semiconductor solar-based product company and developer of a proprietary photovoltaic (PV) panel technology, to help create ECOXGEAR’s high density (HD) solar panels.

“By exclusively utilizing SunCore’s impressive solar technology, we will be able to give our users an untethered experience like no other,” said ECOXGEAR co-founder Greg Fadul. “Our devices will harness the incredible power of the sun at all times of the day, literally making the brightest star in the galaxy your power plug.”

PV panel technology consists of a solar panel that is made with a 3-D crystalline structure, allowing more efficient light capture over longer daylight hours, leading to more useful solar energy. By delivering more energy, SunCore’s solar panels are 22 – 23 percent more efficient as opposed to traditional panels which are 10 – 15 percent efficient. This allows users of ECOXGEAR’s HD solar panels to gain increased light exposure and accrue more energy than with traditional panels.

In addition to the increased efficiency in direct sunlight, PV panel technology’s HD cells harvest a broader light spectrum. Whereas traditional panels are limited to the amount of energy they can harvest on cloudy and hazy days, SunCore panels are able to harvest energy across the IR and UV light spectrum making its panel significantly more efficient on less-than-ideal days

“We have worked tirelessly to develop a panel that works the way our partners need it to,” cites CEO and founder of SunCore, Steven Brimmer. “People do not use solar-based products only at times when optimum lighting conditions occur. So, knowing this, our goal was to create technology that would enable our partners to provide products that would optimize energy collection no matter what light conditions exist. We believe we’ve developed the best possible solution for Solar and are thrilled that Grace Digital has employed our patented systems in its ECOXGEAR products. We are beyond proud to support Grace Digital in its quest to deliver the best offering to their consumers.”

Not just prioritizing optimal light collection, ECOXGEAR will also utilize SunCore’s patented Power Management Circuit to provide more battery power to their products. Using this technology, the solar panel is able to deliver more energy to the battery and double the efficiency in low light and nighttime situations. This is an unprecedented breakthrough in solar technology that ECOXGEAR is excited to have in place.

For more information, please visit  www.suncoresolar.com



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