[CES’15] A Smarter and More Secure Home with SwannOne


A house is not a home without a hub — and Swann’s flagship product: SwannOne.  Well, at least not a smart home!  Swann, a global leader in DIY security monitoring, unveils its security-centric, smart solution that brings home automation to a new level providing simple yet complete control over every element from a central device.

SwannOne is a smarter way to look at security for the home or business, and offers the user peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe, and their space is secure.  It’s easily customizable and scalable based on specific needs, and connects with a range of devices using WiFi and other mainstream radio protocols.  As your family grows, so can your SwannOne solution by simply adding more functions as needed.


The SwannOne system begins with the SwannOne Smart Hub and iOS or Android app for easy control and endless applications.  Then add on the SwannOne SoundView Camera to monitor and record what’s happening in your home.  Motion activation distinguishes between people and pets and there is even tamper detection which sends an alert to your phone if an intruder attempts to break or move the camera.


Built-in microphones are smart enough to analyze certain sounds like breaking glass,  baby cries, car alarms, and even gunshots.  It will only send a notification for major noise disturbances, and not innocent ones like a dropped wine glass on your kitchen tile.  SwannOne also listens and protects the home from smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide threats by hearing the alarms going off, and launching an alert.  If the user is not reachable, SwannOne can even connect with emergency services via an optional professional security monitoring service.


With SwannOne, simply access and regulate the temperature inside the house by connecting to the Zen Thermostat.  For example, if you enjoy a cool 68 degrees, then adjust the climate from the app so it is at the optimal temperature by the time you complete the commute home.   SwannOne can also lower energy consumption by automatically making adjustments to settings based on pre-set rules.

Energy management is an important topic in most households, and SwannOne can take the lead on monitoring electrical usage.  The connected homeowner can turn any appliance on or off with smart plugs, and you can even create rules and schedules.  For example, you can remotely turn the coffee maker or  washing machine on so it’s ready to go before or after work.  Does your power bill seem like it creeps up every month?  With SwannOne, you can receive reports, and figure out where adjustments need to be made.

Additionally, SwannOne enables remote control of Phillip’s Hue lighting.  It also allows for lighting schedules so you can program when they turn on or off.  This is great for deterring intruders, saving on energy, and simply coming home to a brightly lit porch.

SwannOne captures hours of video, data, and sound, and the SwannOne Cloud is a secure place for storage.  You can easily access your content, and control your home from anywhere.

It is an affordable plug-and-play solution with no hard wiring required. The peripherals are fitted with 3M Command strips to enable easy and transferable placement.


SwannOne offers a range of starter kits designed to deliver an upgradeable path for consumers. Kits range from basic alarm solutions (Alarm Starter Kit, Video Monitoring Kit) to more comprehensive solutions that combine alarm, video monitoring, energy management and appliance control, such as the Energy Wise Kit and Advanced Smart Home Control Kit. Each kit is fully customizable with accessories sold separately so it can be scaled up or down to reflect the changing requirements of the user.

SwannOne is expected to be available in Spring 2015. For more information on SwannOne, visit www.swannone.com.





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