Celeste 64

Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain Is A Retro 3D Anniversary Celebration

A quick download and you're good to go!

Celeste is one of those games that has lived on since its release, garnering a ton of praise from reviewers and the larger gaming community.

It feels like each year since I’ve played it, I find more and more people fall in love with the gameplay, its characters, and its story.

Now, just over six years after its initial release developer Maddy Makes Games and Extremely OK Games have put up an incredibly unique, free add-on-like game with Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain. It’s a 3D, retro version of the game that feels like its ripped right from the N64 days.

The announcement was made late on January 28th with the following post that welcomes anyone with a PC or Linux system to download the .zip file and try it (they also add that a MacOS version is on the way)!

On their itch.io page, the devs say you can relive the magic of Celeste Mountain alongside Madeline in this small, heartfelt 3D platformer. The Celeste team created in a week(ish) to celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary.”

Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain is an excellent reimagining of the 2D platformer it’s based on. I played through the entire game, collecting 21 strawberries along the way. You can take a look at the game in the video above.

And if you are like me and have listened to the great Lena Raine soundtrack dozens of times, you may recognize some familiar music with some late-’90s flair. It’s a beautiful touch to a bite-sized game with much to offer.

The community around Celeste has already been sharing hundreds of screenshots and starting posts on the add-ons page.

There are over 25 strawberries to collect in the game, giving you more than enough to sink your teeth and twitch skills!