Celebrate The Launch of Fallout On Prime With A Radroach Installation

Fallout on Prime Video is officially out, and the reviews have been resoundingly positive. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy successfully adapted one of the most beloved gaming franchises to television, and it’s filled with satisfying details and nods to the series.

With that, you can get in on the action by viewing a mysterious shipping container spotted in Toronto this week. Sadly, it’s got no Sugar Bombs and Nuka Cola, but it does have some other surprises in store for visitors.

You must visit 18 York Street, open to the Toronto public, on April 12 from 12:00-8:00 PM.

If you’re attending, Ella Purnell, star of the Fallout series, will be there at 2:30 PM. I’d recommend getting there early as the downtown core will likely be a busy day!

The installation is unique as it feels like part of the Wasteland found in the Fallout series – even if it is filled with a 10-ft Radroach on display. You rarely see a roach of that size anywhere, but not when Fallout is involved, so you should emerge from the vault because on the other side is a nice photo opportunity.

Those who attend early will earn a special edition Fallout poster, so be sure to get there early and bring some Stimpacks just in case!