Celebrate Respawn Entertainment’s 10th Anniversary!

Time flies when you’re off making some of the finest first-person shooters and expanding Star Wars lore.

May 2020 signals the 10th anniversary of Respawn Entertainment, the studio created by Vince Zampella and Jason West, the co-founders of Infinity Ward.

In a blog post on the Respawn website, Vince Zampella talks about the monumental anniversary. “Time really does feel like you’ve got a jump drive attached to your back when you’re having fun and that’s what we’ve been doing here since we started,” says Zampella, ” Our growth underscores our desire to innovate and challenge convention having created award-winning single-player campaigns, a massive, fun and free battle royale game with unique characters and story delivered through a robust live service, and even an immersive VR experience coming later this year.”

The last year has proven the studio is keen on delivering quality content and new games, and with the latest Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond in development for VR, the focus is on bringing great content to fans.

Happy 10th-anniversary Respawn Entertainment!