Celebrate 20 Years Of Pokemon With These Beautiful Bundles


The Pokemon Company has some very cool things planned for the 20th anniversary of their beloved franchise – which is this year!

Starting with the release of Pokemon Red and Blue on the 3DS eShop on February 27th, we’re also getting our very own Pokemon bundles featuring the original art from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue!


This year will be the first time Pokemon airs during the Super Bowl on February 7th. We don’t know much of what this will include but will encourage trainers to “train on.”

On February the 3DS bundles will release with interchangeable faceplates and will have the games pre-installed on the system and include an exclusive Pokemon theme.

This year marks the beginning of the celebrations so we’re sure to see a ton more of exciting stuff throughout the year.

Check out iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play for twelve remastered digital movie releases.

This year will mark the release of Pokemon Go on iOS and Android.


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