CD Projekt

CD Projekt RED Plans on Defending Against Class Action Lawsuits

After reports of lawsuits being delivered to CD Projekt, the company is now confirming that the studio will be defending itself against the class action lawsuits filed for allegedly misleading shareholders on the current status of the Xbox and PlayStation 4 copies of Cyberpunk 2077.

Bloomberg reports that New York’s The Rosen Law Firm will represent investors who were misled on the game’s performance ahead of its December 10 launch date. Andrew Trampe, the plaintiff for the lawsuit, is looking for other investors to join his lawsuit to turn it into a class-action lawsuit. Earlier this month, CD Projekt Red only allowed major outlets the opportunity to cover Cyberpunk 2077, and only on PC with all other requests being denied. The developer went so far as to withhold early copies from any outlet that didn’t use existing, pre-approved B-roll footage from the developer and no custom video was to be shown.

Since launching, the game has been mired in controversy, bugs, glitches, and epilepsy triggers to some extent. The game has underperformed in many aspects, and it got so bad that console makers have now offered full refunds in addition to the developer. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the developer plans to “vigorously” defend itself against the investor’s claim of fraudulent behaviour.

Regardless of the issues surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, the game has gone on to sell well over 13 million copies as of December 20, 2020. A number that has factored in refunds both physical and digital.