CD Projekt Made $33 Million Net, Joins FTSE

Coming from NeoGAF, CD Projekt has released their financials for the first half of 2017, and in those six months, the studio had seen a net profit of $118 million PLN(Polish Zloty) which is roughly $33 million USD, which has exceeded their expectations by a cool 21.5%. Not bad, I’d say! The biggest reason behind this is the continued success of The Witcher series, with The Witcher 3 being released in 2015, with two expansions and multiple free content drops in addition to continuing improvements.

GOG has helped generate profits for the Polish developer as well, as GOG has been responsible for just over $12 million PLN or $3 million USD in net profit.

This has made the developer join the FTSE Emerging Markets index on September 15.

– GOG has over 2100 games in its catalogue from over 550 developers and publishers
– CD Projekt has offices in Warsaw, Krakow, Shanghai and LA. The latter 2 do not take part in game production.
– 97% of CD Projekt’s income came from export, with 60% representing clients in the US and 24.4% those in the EU.
– CD Projekt employs ~700 employees. 550 at CDPR and 150 at GOG

I couldn’t think of a more deserving studio than CD Projekt, a studio that has flourished and has treated their fans with respect and care with each game release.