Casetify Reveals Doraemon Is Appearing Out of Thin Air

Doraemon has very rightly earned its undying place in global popular culture.

Ever since the playful robotic cat rang his bell and opened the Anywhere Door in 1969, he’s been… well, anywhere.

From instant curry to the tails of planes, Doraemon’s kitsch colour palette and earless face are instantly recognizable on everything and anything.

So, it’s no surprise he looks right at home on a new collection from phone and accessories case maker Casetify.


The new collection is available for the iPhone family of devices as well Samsung and Google devices.

It features the anime-aligned Doraemon with his bell and face front and centre.

The big get here… and I mean big… is the iconic Anywhere Door


Look at that happy face! It’s no wonder this is a cat that has stuck around.

The full limited collection is available now!