Card-en-Ciel To Launch This October

Inti Creates will launch Card-en-Ciel this October.

The company has announced a new trailer showcasing the gameplay of their latest title, Card-en-Ciel. The game features Neon, a gaming detective, who collects and battles with over 300 cards in a deck-building RPG adventure


Players can explore over ten dungeons, earn character cards to strengthen their deck, and unlock new techniques in card battles. Special Muse Cards add another layer to the card battles by activating powerful abilities with their songs, featuring 50 vocal tracks. Additionally, players can use hidden card glitches and enemies’ attacks to perform powerful combos with their unique decks.

In Card-en-Ciel, you freely roam dungeons and defeat monsters. Every enemy defeated adds a new ally to your deck of cards, and you’ll be able to skip battles and head right to the boss when you’re ready.

How many turns you take in a dungeon dictates your score, so you are expected to be fast. Entering a typical dungeon, your deck is reset, allowing you to try new strategies each time, and no, your cards are not lost.

All cards are fully voiced, from earning them to using their unique abilities in battle. They even react when you’re doing well or in trouble and interact with their friends and enemies while idle. The characters on your cards come alive thanks to the Link Etude System in Card-en-Ciel.


In addition, Inti Creates reveals Divine Dynamo Flamefrit, a game previously teased as an April Fools prank, is real. It is a 2D action game inspired by popular 90s robot anime.

Card-En-Ciel launches on October 24, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC.