Below Wallpaper

Capybara’s Below Arrives On PlayStation 4 On April 7

Local and wonderful developer Capybara‘s game Below is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 on April 7. We reviewed it last year and found the game exciting if not a bit challenging thanks to its perma-death mode that kept me as far away as I could be. But things change, and Below did too!

Capy’s dungeon-crawler arrives with an entirely new mode focused on exploring, which allows for a more accessible experience and one that encourages exploration. A free update with Explore mode will arrive on Steam and Xbox shortly after.

According to a blog post on the studio’s website, the new changes coming to Explore mode include not worry about hunger, thirst, no one-hit deaths with damage now set to bleeding instead. All in all, the additions feel like a welcome change and is exactly why I’m hoping to give this game another chance when it launches next month.

In the meantime, you need to check out Capybara’s latest game Grindstone!