Former Hand of Fate Developers Announces Capes

Spitfire Interactive, a new collective of some of the minds behind the brilliant RPG Hand of Fatehas finally announced what their debut offering will be!

Capes is a gritty superhero turn-based strategy RPG that follows a comic-book-worthy tale where the supervillains won, and the city and its protectors must rise 15 years later from literal ashes to win the day back. 

Players will have to take an inexperienced team of next-generation supes and learn how to combine and use their powers alongside them.

While this will be the first showing for this Australian-based team, they’ve been sidekicks to some pretty gargantuan gaming super-talent. “I started my career writing on Freedom Force alongside Ken Levine, so this feels like a return to where my journey began,” says Morgan Jaffit, director of Spitfire Interactive. “My team and I want to explore the ‘darker side of every coin,’ and we have the best people possible to do it.”

So expect to see inspiration and teaching abound when Capes hero drops onto Steam in Q1 of 2023!