Turn-based Superhero Capes Arrives This Year

Spitfire Interactive is working with Daedalic Entertainment to publish Capes, an all-new superhero turn-based strategy game that is scheduled to launch in 2023.

With Spitfire being a studio made of former Defiant Development, the team behind Hand of Fate, it seems like the former studio’s DNA is being reworked into a fun take on the superhero genre. Morgan Jaffit serves as a director at Spitfire, having previously worked with Ken Levine on Freedom Force in 2002.

Assembling a team of superheroes fighting to take their city back from the supervillains in control, you’re engaging and actively stopping crime in a dystopian city where having superpowers can be considered a crime.

As you develop your hero, you may unlock unique skills and powers. Also, you’ll be working with a team to bring evil down, so it is critical to ensure you pick the right people for the job.

For those interested, a demo is coming to Steam Next Fest today.