Resident Evil

Capcom Warns Against Resident Evil Village Beta Scam

While excitement for the next Resident Evil is at an all-time high, so are scams that are offering access to a beta for Resident Evil Village.

No, this has nothing to do with the recent Maiden demo that launched on PlayStation 5. There is a current scam circulating the internet that is offering limited beta access to Village but don’t fall for it! Capcom has confirmed that anyone sending emails out for Early Access Invitations from Capcom is fake.

“We’re sending this message as we’ve been made aware that there are currently emails circulating that pretend to contain “Early Access invitations” to Resident Evil Village. The sender address is being displayed as “no-reply(at)capcom(dot)com”.


We want to inform you that these messages are NOT from Capcom and appear to be phishing attempts by an unauthorized third party. If you have received such a message, please DO NOT download any files or reply, and delete the message immediately.”

If you have an email in your inbox, please report the email and mark it as spam. Only through officials channels like Capcom’s Twitter, Facebook, or trusted media source should you attempt to follow through.

Furthermore, there is also a similar scam circulating that offers payment from Ubisoft for creating Far Cry 6 content. These are also considered to be a scam and not from an official Ubisoft source.