Capcom is Counting Down to an Announcement

For those getting ready for the conclusion of Capcom’s Pro Tour 2021, there’s, even more, to be excited about today! 

A very mysterious countdown has appeared. I want to vocalize… well, write it all here in front of your eyes that I totally hope it isn’t counting down to a pre-show countdown. My eyes have looked upon enough of those that I see when I close my eyes for sleep. 

As of the moment, I am writing this, (Monday, February 14th) that brings us to… holy, I am bad at math. Here’s me doing the math on when the clock ends! Okay, you’ve caught me! I asked my wife to help me walk through this, and we came to 12:17 am on Monday as the African swallow doth fly. 

It would appear that a majority of online speculators are feeling as though this could be counting down to an announcement of the long-overdue sixth installment in the Street Fighter franchise. Certainly, the timing around the pro tour is topical.

I’m not much of a betting man, but my money is on an NFT version of that Rebecca Chambers photo. You know the one.