Capcom Adds Loads Of Music On Spotify

If you enjoy listening to the music of your favourite video games outside of their respective games, you’re in luck because Capcom just uploaded a ton of music to Spotify.

Aside from the catchy single from upcoming Devil May Cry V being available on the music streaming service, nothing official existed. Sure, lots of fan compositions are available but if you wanted to listen to Street Fighter soundtracks, it wasn’t possible.

However, that’s all changed now. Capcom’s added dozens of albums full of official compositions and arrangements to Spotify.


Seeing Mega Man, Mega Man X, Devil May Cry,  Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter on a streaming service is exciting since listening to video game music is known for improving focus, If you’re interested, the link is above or you’ll find all the music listed under Capcom Sound Team.

Take note, not all Capcom franchises are available. I didn’t see any Resident Evil or Dead Rising. That’s okay though because we still have dozens of album that are ready to be streamed.