Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Special Ops Gets A Trailer

Special Ops is returning to Call of Duty. In this month’s Modern Warfare, the co-operative mode is coming back as a collection of interconnected, Operations, pitting you against the Eastern Hemisphere.

It’s up to the Armistice, a joint force of Allegiance and Coalition operators led by Kate Laswell and Sergeant Kamarov to take on this new, global terrorist organization.

Launching on October 25, along with Modern Warfare, the beloved mode asks strike-teams of four to clear multiphased objectives, which tie into the story of the campaign.

Killstreaks are available in Special Ops, the same goes for vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, and ATVs, which allow you to tackle each mission in a variety of ways. If you want to go stealthy, that’s an option, as well as making a ton of noise to get things done.

You’ll need to get in, find the intel, take care of targets and gain rewards for completing each Operation. However you decide to play, progress carries over from Special Ops to multiplayer, and you’ll be able to unlock gear and items for use in other modes as well.

Read more about Special Ops here.