Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Lead Image

Call Of Duty Will Go Back To Its Roots With Next Game

After Activision launched Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in November of last year, many wondered what was next for the yearly franchise. The news was revealed during an earning report from Activision, the company said that the series will “return to its roots.”

The next title, currently unnamed is in development at Sledgehammer Games. Eric Hirshberg spoke during the earning call and spoke about how Infinite Warfare did not “resonate” with Call of Duty fans. The setting might have thrown the players off.callofdutyFY17

Infinite Warfare did not get off to a good start when it was revealed. Back in May 2016 when Activision revealed Infinite Warfare to the public, the response wasn’t quite the hype the series comes to expect. Instead, the fan base quickly turned against the move to space. The reveal trailer for Infinite Warfare quickly became the second-most-disliked in YouTube history.