Bulletstorm VR

Bulletstorm VR Delayed To January 2024

People Can Fly and Incuvo announced that Bulletstorm VR will no longer launch during its original release window and will now launch on January 18, 2024.

“We know that Bulletstorm fans are eager to put on their VR headsets and kick ass in virtual reality. We aim to use this extra time to continue improving the experience to ensure that Bulletstorm VR lives up to the high standards you’ve come to expect from the well-known AAA first-person shooter franchise and People Can Fly as a developer of high-quality AAA games.”

Set in a futuristic sci-fi world, Bulletstorm follows the story of Grayson Hunt, a former assassin seeking revenge against his former commanding officer, General Sarrano. The game is known for its over-the-top action, creative weaponry, and unique scoring system that rewards players for stylish and skillful kills.

Players control Grayson and his accomplice Ishi Sato as they navigate a hostile alien planet, encountering various enemies and engaging in intense firefights.