Park Beyond

Build The Theme Park Of The Future In Park Beyond

Bandai Namco and Limbic Entertainment want you to look to the future and work on the theme park of your dreams. To celebrate the impending launch, a new trailer has hit social channels and showcases gameplay for the upcoming theme park management title that is set to arrive this June.

Park Beyond is just any theme park simulator, it’s about learning to harness your creativity and remembering “every aspect of creating amusement parks will be under your control”.

With the Park Beyond Closed Beta Test approaching, players are being encouraged to learn more about what to expect on June 16. There are thousands of in-game assets that can be used to make your theme park in Sandbox mode. You can save and reuse your creations in future parks and even change the colours, lights, and music. The terraforming aspects are what stand out to me more than anything in the trailer so it’s pretty cool to see how you can change things on a whim, those mountains and lakes look great.

On May 9 – May 19, the closed PC beta will happen and those chosen will unlock a golden skin for the omnicar.