Blooming Business Casino

Homo Ludens Announces Blooming Business: Casino

It’s apparently “Cute, Cuddly and Nefariously Deadly Week” for me. 

I’ve been playing through Wave Break on Switch, and now I’ve got a 30-minute demo to play for Homo Ludens‘ debut sim game, Blooming Business: Casino. 

If like me, you are in search of a game where cute bears and bunnies in suits get up to usually more human sins like gambling and drinking in excess, you’re lucky number just came up! Because you have the chance to try this colourful sim for free over the weekend! 

Available as of now is an early alpha build that serves as a tutorial, where you can begin to create your own casino and experience how pesky clients can disturb your expansion plans.

It will introduce you to the core management features of the game, from hiring your first employees, buying your casino games, and customizing your building, to experiencing the visit of the first VIP and having to make interesting narrative choices. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a warning to watch out for drama unfolding on the casino floor!

Homo Ludens is planning for the rest of the development on Blooming Business: Casino to evolve over a Steam Early Access period. So if you enjoy the demo, be sure to wishlist the game, so you stay on the roll… of the dice!