Broken Spectre

Broken Spectre Takes Us To The Scary Side Of The Mountain

Michael Monello, a producer of The Blair Witch Project, is ready to make us all feel watched again in his new VR horror narrative Broken Spectre.

Take on the role of Casey — a young adventurer weighed down by her father’s 25-year-old secrets.

Venture to your family’s beat-up RV at Coldblood Mountain National Park in northern Canada. [It’s lovely this time of year! Very cold!]

Sort out what it is ol’ pops figured out — as you climb the mountain and discover more grotesque happenings along the way.

This unique, hand-drawn horror title doubles down on using hands in both horror and VR.

“We saw the potential for hand-tracking and doubled down on it,” says Evan Jones, Executive Producer on Broken Spectre. “Using your hands directly amplifies body horror so much. You pick up a knife with your bare hands and know you’ll do something terrible with it.”

Experience hand horror in VR when Broken Spectre arrives June 21 on Meta Quest.