Broken Spectre

Cosmic Horror Narrative Game Broken Spectre Gets New Teaser

Games by Stitch’s Broken Spectre has a new trailer out for the upcoming cosmic horror game that is coming this summer to the Oculus Quest 2.

Playing as Casey, a strong-headed adventure haunted by her family history. After her father vanished in the wilderness of Coldblood Mountain National Park, you learn he may still be alive. So you head out to find him by breaking into the park to track his whereabouts which leads you to some mutilated experiments.

Impeding your progress are worsening weather, deadly frostbite, and grotesque horrors. But with clues piling on and cult rituals making things clearer, you keep diving into your family history for the truth.

Broken Spectre deals with cosmic horror and is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and John Carpenter, while using VR to immerse the play in the dangers of this environment. Using hand-tracking, players experience the narrative.

“Players will see their own hands bloodied, frostbitten and much worse.” says Producer Sonya Suraci. “There’s something special and uncanny when experiencing this without any controllers. At one point you must stick your hand into a snake’s den to be bitten and the bite starts festering immediately.”

VR was chosen as the lead platform because it is meant to take players out of their comfort zones. Broken Spectre is the first horror game from Games by Stitch, which previously worked on Terrorarium and Flow Weaver.