Braven Unveils LUX, a Chic, Elegant Bluetooth Speaker


BRAVEN unveils the limited edition LUX, an elegant speaker that makes a fashion statement. The latest addition to the BRAVEN Design Series, the LUX redefines the look of a Bluetooth speaker with an intricately detailed grill in three shimmering colors.

Designed for the fashionable user on the go, the BRAVEN LUX showcases a unique pattern in three metallic colors; pearl, gold and iridescent purple that effortlessly complement décor and personal style.  Compact, lightweight and striking, the LUX bridges the gap between fashion accessories and electronics, as the ideal speaker for anywhere travel, or at-home listening on a bathroom counter, bedroom nightstand, or poolside lounging to enjoy your favorite tunes.


“The LUX breaks the typical Bluetooth speaker design mold by combining luxury with a feminine style,” says Lauren Bos, Brand Manager.  “Fashion-conscious music lovers now have a portable speaker that’s as stylish as it is pure in sound.”

The LUX easily connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device, can pair with another LUX or BRAVEN 7-Series speaker to deliver left and right audio, and features a built-in noise-canceling speakerphone and mic to take calls anytime.  The LUX is also water resistant, making it “party-proof” and doubles as a battery bank to charge mobile devices.

BRAVEN LUX is now available for $99 at braven.com.  For more information about the LUX or the entire line of BRAVEN Bluetooth speakers, visit www.braven.com


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