Bravely Default Has A Mobile Game Coming Out

I absolutely adore the Bravely Default series and am patiently (not) waiting for the next main entry in the series. So when I came across the news that Bravely Default would be arriving in mobile form, my interest in what is being called Fairy’s Effect rose sharply, having spent dozens of hours playing both Bravely Default and Bravely Second on my Nintendo 3DS.

Aside from the video posted below, we don’t know much else, there is, however, a small snippet of gameplay which puts the series’ mechanics to work on handheld devices. The basic menu projects an RPG style game with both “Brave” and “Default” choices available, but, there also seems to have the option of microtransactions included, a usual no-go for me.

The idea is interesting, and I can see the format of the Bravely Default series shift from 3DS to iOS/Android into bite-sized chunks of gameplay but what puts this off for me is the microtransactions. I hope to hear more soon to share with you.


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